The Origin of Music

Is the origin of music answerable?

One of the exciting experiences of life comes when we suddenly see or understand something for the first time or in a very different way. We may call these experiences “epiphanies.” They are often of a spiritual nature and may have a slightly mysterious or enigmatic twist. They also may suddenly explain something that we have been puzzling over for a very long time.

Music became an essential part of my life when I was about five years old. I actually began to think about where music came from as a very young child. However, I found that the answer to that question evaded me. As I grew up and began to study piano, the question of the origin of music pursued me. Although it was never very far from my conscious thinking. Finally, in my forties, I was able to attend college and study music seriously. The same query—what is music, really, and where did it come from— was an on-going part of the every-day conversation among all of us students, but the interesting thing was that there never was a satisfactory answer.

The Origin of Music – What – Where – Why

An off-shoot to “what and where” was “why.” Why is music such an integral part of life everywhere? And why do children spontaneously respond to music in such dramatic ways as they all do? And why is it that all of nature is bound by rhythmic rules and regulations? What higher power dictates that rhythm is a constant in all of Creation? Or is there a Higher Power Who dictates? I say that there is. This is the basic premise of both of my books—-God’s Song and God’s Opera. And there is, I believe, ample evidence to support that premise.

And then, in my autumn years, a very profound turn of events opened an entirely new avenue of thought. I met a scholar, Jeremy Begbie, whose intellectual and spiritual drive was to integrate the worlds of theology and art. He has done this in such a way as to enhance both. It also provides an artistic avenue for understanding “the beauty of holiness” and the Truth of God.

It was a concept that I had intuited for a lifetime but had no way of expressing. Meeting Jeremy turned my thinking onto a new path of inquiry. It provided a vast new field of understanding the depth of God’s great beauty, creative power and saving grace. As the years went by and our friendship grew, I began to understand that his was a remarkably powerful role in a movement of inquiry. This inquiry would undoubtedly result in new thinking about the power and truth of the entire field of theology. This was no small innovation in theological thinking. This was revolutionary thought, that art played an irreversible and intractable role in the revelation of Truth. In my thinking, it was the culmination of “finding truth in music.” And the idea was—and is—spreading worldwide.

The Origin of Music Haunted My Thinking

It continued to haunt my thinking. There had to be a plausible answer to the origin of music — actually the origins of art in general. There must be some deeply acceptable answer to the “raison d’etre” of the arts as well. Then a thought began to take shape in my wandering mind. I believe God sang the creation commands. Vibration — God’s singing voice provided that vehicle.

About that time, I found the scripture in Zephaniah that speaks of the song of joy sung by the Omnipotent Lord over His people. So, God was a Singing God. Music might well be one of the attributes of God along with His mercy, love, grace, patience and truth. So, music, as is the character of God in general, may have no origin, and maybe in truth, eternal and timeless.

Here is the epiphany. Sound, musical sound, vibration, must be noted along with other attributes of God as an essential element of His eternality. It can be then recognized that music is an artistic force. It has, has had and will have no beginning, no ending and no reason for being other than its own truth. This is Truth in Music as God is Truth.

Music as an art then developed along with the other arts, sculpture, literature, poetry and all of the other expressive arts that are an accepted part of mankind’s intellectual and artistic progress. But the origin, the genesis, of music lay in the very Nature of God Himself. This truth easily explains the omniscience, overriding presence and irrevocable power exerted upon all of Creation by musical entities of all kinds. It explains the inexplicable nature of music as a force. Music simply is, as God simply is.

I Know the Origin of Music!

This is a subtle, but extremely powerful hypothesis, and if taken to the deepest level of consideration, could have a revolutionary effect on the total understanding of music and the artistic world. Music now becomes not only a treasured gift, but it is finally understood as an integral building block in the creative process of the entire universe. It becomes a force for change in the comprehension of Who God is, what Creation is and the interaction between them.

As I enter the twilight years of my life, I can truly say, I know the origin of Music! I do not think that the intellectual world has ever quite considered this concept, and it is my hope that my erudite friends and colleagues will give it due consideration.

Why would you name a town WHY?

WHY?   Why would you name a town WHY?  If I lived in WHY, AZ, I would have great fun with the idea of “why”.

WHY is the sky blue? Why are the mountains where they are? Is there any reason for why the valley is so dry and sandy? Why doesn’t the rain fall in the valley like it does on the mountain tops? And, why does the road seem to disappear as it goes farther and farther into the mountainous background? Why did someone call this town by its odd name, WHY?

That simple three letter word is one of the most powerful words in our English language. It spawned the discovery of electricity. It preceded the creation of the steam engine and the airplane. And, that word has succeeded in driving parents to nervous distraction like it did my daddy when I asked the question for the thousandth time. Consider music. Consider creation.  Is there any connection between the evidence of music in almost every possible domain and the idea that creation might have been a musical event? I believe that there is a very definite connection.  It just takes a little imagination to open worlds of possibility.

Do Trees Sing And If They Do, WHY?

Bernard “Bernie” Krause was born December 8, 1938. He is an American musician and soundscape ecologist and bio-acoustician of wide renown. His early experience with music was with The Weavers and Pete Seeger. It is easy to see why he became so entwined in the study of music and nature. His work branched out and he became interested in musical landscaping. He pioneered using nature’s myriad voices in musical recordings.

In 2009, he was recording bat sonar signatures when he and his team made an astounding discovery.Trees sing. And there is an ecologically sound (no pun intended) reason for their singing. It is part of a carefully engineered process that helps to create a necessary micro-habitat supporting bees and birds.  Sound is “the cohesion”. One could say “music is the cohesion.”  Click Here to learn more.

Incredible! Over forty years ago I began pursuing an idea. My idea was that Creation was actually a musical event, and I set out to prove it. Of course, that is an almost impossibly tall order. One cannot prove anything about Creation because it includes dealing with theological and eternal frames of reference. That, in and of itself, is virtually impossible. However, in the process, many astounding truths, like singing trees, have surfaced. It is slowly becoming a thesis to be proven in the future.

Does Outer Space Sing And If So, WHY?

One night in 1945 or 1946, I was walking to my church to attend choir practice. I was suddenly aware of a huge dome of scarlet light over my head.  I was only about 13 or 14 years old, and I was “scared to death”, as we used to say. That weird, brilliant light was pulsating, undulating from dark red to a pinkish green and back to red again. I took off at a dead run to get to the church before something awful happened. By the time I reached the parsonage and got the preacher’s  attention, the red dome and its pink-green curtains had vanished. He told me I just seen the aurora borealis!

Later, I learned that the aurora could sing. Why? My science teacher said it was because of the electro-magnetic field. That made no sense to a teen-aged skeptic. But when I was much older, I discovered that the whole earth is surrounded by  waves of electric energy that also make a singing sound. And even later on, I learned that it is this “sound energy” that holds the entire universe together.  In fact, there is a newly emerging science called cymatics that is now able to send this kind of energy into water or sand and photograph the shapes generated by the vibrating energy itself.Sound is what holds the universe together. That is why the aurora sings! Click Here to listen.

Think about this: WHY do such magnificent phenomena happen?  WHY are they all, in some way or other, musically expressed?   WHY must we continue the quest for truth in music in deeper and deeper ways? Do you have any ideas you would like to share?

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Who Taught the Moon How To Sing?

The Moon Sing? Sounds ridiculous! Imagine being hundreds of thousand miles away. You are looking up at the earth. The moon is silhouetted like a huge balloon against the southern-most oceans of our planet. You are on the dark side of the moon. Imagine being in a space ship equipped with the latest technology in plasma wave antennae and high-definition speakers. Suddenly you hear a hauntingly weird sound, as of some angelic beings humming, accompanied only by a rustling wind. Then the wafting sound of some ethereal flute playing in the most soprano of soprano registers. Never have you heard music like this, but it is, without a doubt —– beautiful music. Anyone who has heard, or thought they heard, space music says, it is peaceful and it is beautiful. Click Here to hear it yourself.

The Moon Sing? Just Ask the Astronauts?

The first time the astronauts orbited the moon, they were seriously unprepared for what happened. As they soared around the orbit into the starkness of the dark side, all radio contact was lost. They were prepared for that. What they were not prepared for was what happened next. See the following link to hear what they heard. Click hear to hear it yourself.

When they returned to earth, their first reaction was to keep silence about what they had heard. They certainly couldn’t afford to be grounded because they were thought to be victims of hallucinations of some sort. It was not until several decades later that their recorded conversations were unveiled. The world for the first time heard the moon sing. It was the beautiful sound that the astronauts heard on the dark side of the moon. Click here to view a different video.

We now know that what they heard was the sound of the electromagnetic activities, which are proliferated in space. The fascinating thing about electromagnetic frequencies is they are directly related to sound waves, pitch and production of energy. Click here to view even another video.

Imagine! Had you been one of the first astronauts, what would your conclusions have been? Through the years more has been uncovered about the nature of vibration, frequency and sound (music). It has become clear that the most viable cohesive force in our universe IS sound.

The Moon Sing? What does it mean?

Imagination is more valuable than education or intelligence, according to Albert Einstein. Let’s travel to the dark side of the moon in your imagination. You will be exposed to a beauty and a rarity that can not be equaled here on earth. Even if Einstein’s equations could be proven, they could not rival hearing the planets and stars singing. Each one sings its own unique song. Earth does not sound like Neptune; Saturn does not sing the same song that Jupiter sings. As I ponder in my imagination, the song of Neptune actually does capture the echoes of the sea. Earth actually has a vibrato in her song. Earth is only one planet that houses human kind. They both share vibrato in their singing. Interesting! Click here to check out another video.

All of this is being said for one reason. I believe that Creation was sung into being by God Almighty, the Singing Musician-Lord of the Universe. Many, ancient and pagan cultures have similar legends about singing creator gods—-with one vast difference. Our Jehovah God is the only Living God Who was not made by any other hands. Therefore His Song is, by imperative, the First and Eternal Song, and out of it comes ALL other song. Music is inherent in and intrinsic to all creation.

Logically this Eternal God, Singing Musician-Lord of the Universe, is the ultimate Creator of all things. His raw material was Song. He taught the planets to sing. He taught the moon to sing as well. The sounds of the universe need our creatively diverse human imagination. Which helps us to understand this truth in music—-it may not be music as we choose to think of it. But it is music nonetheless—-the music of the spheres—and Almighty God, the Singing God—-is the Source.

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Science and Creationism: Is There Conflict?

Does this picture convey conflict between God and man?

What am I looking at?  It seems to be a minute piece of the world floating in space!  Ah! Yes!  But look closer—-water, clouds, mountains and maybe even a sliver of seashore.  And what are those sparkly yellowish spots scattered about?  Of course!  Those are city lights marking the presence of people on the world.

When one stops to think about it, this picture is a good analogy of the common dichotomy which we human beings face all the time—-and maybe do not even think about.  This is the split between human and spirit; this is the expression of man’s view and God’s ability; this puts in one small frame the scope of difference in the way “things” are seen.  This, by imaginative extension, could depict the chasm between man’s intellect and the products of his intellectual prowess and the overwhelmingly magnificent prowess of God’s vastness and endless creative power.


“Francis S. Collins, director of the Human Genome Project, the world’s largest collaborative biological project, is a scientist and believer and finds no conflict between those worlds. However, the former atheist didn’t always embrace these perspectives. It wasn’t until he went to medical school and encountered life and death issues at the bedside of his patients where he was constantly  challenged with the question “what do you believe, doctor?” that he began searching for those answers. Through that journey, he found Jesus Christ.—– As a believer, Collins said he sees DNA  as “the information of all living things, as God’s language, and the elegance and complexity of our own bodies and the rest of nature as a reflection of God’s plan.”

Collins’ view, of course, is firmly based on his faith.  Thus, he has no conflict.  The problem arises when the academic world chooses to see “faith” as less than intellectually sound.  It would be beneficial to consider Albert Einstein’s viewpoint:

“Everyone who is seriously committed to the cultivation of science becomes convinced that in all the laws of the universe is manifest a spirit vastly superior to man, and to which we with our powers must feel humble.”


The science-creationism dichotomy is a  man-made issue.  Nowhere is this issue referred to in the scriptures.  Instead of paying homage to this conflict, why not simply realize that the issue actually is between the view of believers and non-believers.  Those who could see the work of a higher Being in science have traditionally and consistently supported the idea of some sort of Creator God.

Even Darwin, himself, observed:




Sound As A Universal Force

Sound is a universal force.  That has been suspected for a very long time, but there was no practical way to measure, analyze or quantify what that actually meant.  Sound is everywhere.  Some sound is pleasant; some sound is extremely unpleasant.  Sound as a universal force can heal.  Sound as a universal force can destroy.  Sound as a universal force can ameliorate mental illness.  It can entertain, cause fear, change moods, incite nervousness and even anger.

If we were to try to analyze sound thoroughly and pinpoint its myriad ramifications, it would take years of research and volumes upon volumes of explanatory text.  And impossible undertaking—-to what end?  But let’s look at a few amazing thing about sound.


Any philosophical ponderings about music have customarily been relegated to the field of rhetoric or journalism.  That is no longer the case.  we now are experiencing the emergence of an exciting new science called cymatics, and one of their prime accomplishments is to produce visual  images along with the sounds of music.  This new technology is providing a means of empirically documenting the theory that vibrational energy (sound) is the link to the formation of matter—-vibration does create form.

Above is a cymatiscopic image of the first twelve notes of the piano.  Each note was played and the shape or form made by that vibration or frequency was painstakingly recorded and photographed.  The amazing result is the images seen above, each one differing from the others.  Proof that frequencies do produce differing shapes.

The very exciting inference, which can now be looked at as fact, is that it is sound which brings form out of formlessness.  Consider this quote from the webpage on which these images are to be found:


“Music, in the absolute sense, is the invisible geometry of the cosmos, a delicate tracery of frequencies that harmonize with each other and from which all matter manifests. 

The conductor of this sublime symphony is the Creative Force of the cosmos, some people prefer to say: God.

Music, as sensed by humans, is a delicate tracery of audible frequencies that harmonize with each other and  generally please our emotions.”

What is not commonly known is that music has the almost magical power to create form from formlessness.———–“

The dichotomy comes into full view at this juncture:  it is between those who believe that there is a Sovereign God and those who do not.  It is my belief that if one were to open one’s mind to the possibilities without the constrictions of individual convictions and traditions, it would soon be obvious that the most wondrous thing is that there is a supremely Intelligent and Loving Creator behind all of the wonders of our universe.  And that could easily account for the unison and utterly complete harmony of all that we know and see.


King David, before becoming King and before writing so many of the Psalms, was a talented shepherd-boy who played the harp very well.  Then King Saul suffered from some sort of emotional or mental ills which frequently put him in deep, dark moods.  The young shepherd boy played for him, soothed him and eventually became something akin to being his page and valet who was often called upon to minister to the King with his music.

This is only one of many examples of the use of music as a healing tool.  Today, Alzhimer’s, geriatric dementia, schizophrenia and many other ailments of the brain and mind are treated with soothing strains of music.  Stutterers can sing when they cannot talk and stroke victims can be brought out of their dark valleys by singing.  I personally witnessed the healing and maturing power of music when I taught high school aged students classified with a number of mental and  emotional challenges.  They ranged in age from 14 to 21; some had high-functioning Down Syndrome; some were morbidly deformed and retarded.  All demonstrated a deep love for and propensity for music.  One physically and mentally challenged African -American girl would bring her audience to tears when she sang “All I Need Is Love, Sweet Love”.

I made a ‘G clef” and an ‘F clef’ on a painter’s drop cloth with duct tape, painted staff lines on both and devised a game of hopscotch with bean bags.  The bean bag would land on a line or a space, the owner of that particular bean bag would jump onto that spot and have to name the note that it represented.  Five or six of the students learned to read music well enough to play Kodaly xylophones and recorders with their knowledge and were able to perform at the state music educators convention several years running.  Needles to say, the self-esteem of those students and their quality of life were greatly enhanced.  Following is one example of how sound is used for extraordinary medical uses.


Professor James Gimsewski, of UCLA CA, is making great strides in his study of cellular function. He ‘listens’ to the sounds emitted by cells with the aid of an atomic force microscope.  He calls his studies “sonocytology”.  By the process which he has developed he can map the pulsations of a cell’s outer membrane; he calls these pulsations the “song” of the cell.  The inferences of this trail-blazing process are huge and fortify the idea that sound is a universal force, indeed.   Simply put, his findings substantiate the theory that every single cell has a sonic signature, and that the cells carry on a continual symphony of  dialogue with each other.

One of the most exciting discoveries made by Gimsewski and his team took place while they were investigating the cells preparation for replication.  Replication, after all, is the primary function of the cell; it is the life-sustaining function of the cell.  They monitored an healthy yeast cell “singing” spectrographically to other such cells.  They compared that “song” to the song  of a yeast cell after it had been traumatized by bathing it in acid.  Astoundingly, the traumatized cell emitted far higher frequencies than the un-assaulted cell had emitted—as if the cell were screaming.  Interesting!

As long as the “songs” sung by cell-communities  remain harmonic one with the other, all is well.  When one or more fall into disharmony or discord, dissonant song results and dysfunction or illness ensue.  One incredible inference is that if the harmonious song of the discordant cell is played back to it, there are growing opportunities for that cell to become re-tuned and fall back into harmony—healing takes place.




Is Sound Vital to Life?

Music the beautiful disturber of airIt is hard to say how far back in time sound has been  subject to serious consideration as being vital to life.   It feels as if mankind has been puzzling over the idea of “sound” forever and always.   The Aboriginal people of Australia have believed for thousands of years that sound is vital to life as a healing tool.  Primordial medicine may have actually centered around sound.  The ancients tell of healing broken bones, children’s illnesses and war injuries solely by playing the yidaki, or modern didgeridoo, a primitive wind instrument.  Contemporary reports refer to cases of asthma and sleep apnea being cured by the same instrument.

Pythagoras apparently used therapeutic sound to treat both physical and emotional ill health.  And, of course, the Old Testament states over and over how David ministered to King Saul with his harp when the king was in the throes of emotional and psychological disfunction.  It seems that many ancient cultures  believed that sound is vital to life and good health.

There is a definite connection between the long history of sound as a healing entity and the long history of music as an omni-present force in the entire universe.  Curt Sachs, the renowned German: “However far back we trace mankind, we fail to see the springing up of music.’   Music is sound, and sound can be music.  In fact, I would say that the most scintillating example of sound is music.  And, I believe it is of utmost importance to continually trace the history of sound—-in particular, musical sound—-as one of the vital components of life.  Because music is endemic to all  other disciplines in one way or another, it is becoming more and more necessary to understand its true value in our cultures and lives.


The only definitive textbook on Creation is, like it or not, Holy Scripture—the Old Testament, the Talmud, the Pentateuch, whatever nomenclature you give those writings.  The idea of first causes states unequivocally that “God Is”.  And that is the starting point for this entire endeavor—–the history of sound starts with the statement of the eternality of God.

John 1:1 reads: “In the beginning was the Word,  and the Word was with God and the Word was God.”   The inference is very strong: the Word and God are one and the same, as in power, omniscience, omnipresence and all other Divine Attributes.  Relate that fact to Genesis 1:1:  “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  The equally strong common thread is that it was Sound of the Word (God) that created the “heavens and the earth”.  In any event, it is not a large leap of faith to infer that the creative force at the moment of original Creation, was, in fact, sound which was the organizing component.  This idea has always eluded theorists, probably because the idea of first causes and the existence of  a Creator God is not always compatible with the theoretical suppositions of the scholar.

However, the history of sound is found in almost every single primitive and folkloric account of the creation act.  The Brahmans, the Aztec, the Navajo, the Hawaiian, the Polynesian all have creator gods, and it is of great interest that so many of them were singer gods.  The common thread in many accounts of the creation narrative is that the gods who created first thought, then sang, then brought life into being.  Compare this to the scriptural account and it becomes evident that there is, in fact, a centrality to these primitive folkloric narratives—-sound was the energizing force.  Since I subscribe to the inerrant nature of the Holy Scriptures, I shall make the statement that the truth in music  is that music (song) is that force and that it is the voice of God Himself that sang that song.

Follow this thread and see if it is not logical.  Science is now producing empirical evidence that frequency, vibrating energy—-sound—-is indeed the glue of the universe.  Even a cursory study of music and its organizational qualities will stimulate curiosity about how those qualities could be inherent to all creation.


The article in the link above is worth reading.  John Stuart and Annaliese Reid have done a remarkable job of gathering, codifying and recording the results of their research into the efficacy of “sound therapy”.  They have traced a line of logic which is inclusive of many differing fields of study and have successfully shown how this logic can be related to those various fields.

High frequency sound has been employed for many years in the treatment of kidney and gall stones.  Even more dramatic than this is the use of classical music to alleviate pain in childbirth, to aid in healing after surgery and even in the treatment of mental and emotional illness.  Up until recent years, there was very little empirical documentation to support the findings of such treatments and experiments.  Thanks to the development of the cymascope and its ability to photograph the effects of sound on matter, it is becoming increasingly easy to document these events of treatment and healing.

Cymatherapy is an emerging healing science which is achieving monumental results.  A 56-year-old woman who was injured in a car accident was relegated to life in a wheel chair.  As a last resort she contacted a physician who would treat her with therapeutic sound using the cymatherapy techniques.   Her knee joints were down to bone-on-bone, but after ten treatments, she was able to resume her normal activities  including dancing, bowling and golf.   Another woman with shingles on her upper chest and back was completely cured after six days of cymatherapeutic treatments.  Common medical practice was unable to give her any relief.

This growing battery of evidence is profound and ever-increasing.  It is causing science to re-evaluate the qualities and power of sound and its place in our universe.

Consider this: I Samuel 16:23  “And so it was, whenever the spirit—-was upon Saul, that David would take a harp and play it with his hand.  Then Saul would become refreshed and well—-”  Our present day scientists seem to be finally discovering what the Old Testament writers knew thousands of years ago—-“sound is vital to life—-in a healing capacity.”

Watch for a new post next week when I shall continue exploring the vital nature of sound as a healing force.



God's Song Jettie Harris

Do you realize that our entire universe is a vibrating universe? The wonders of our vibrating universe are there for us to study and are also too vast to number.  Just yesterday we experienced a total eclipse of the sun in a large area of our country.  That was made possible by the wave-length/particle travel of packets of energy called photons. Photons travel in the same way that sound waves travel, except that they do not require a medium through which to move. I found a web-site that has a unique approach to science and art. Here is an interesting quote from that site: “Light and sound are waves. All waves travel outward from the source that creates them, and all waves vibrate. A vibration is simply a back and forth motion around a position of equilibrium. Light waves vibrate from side to side as they travel along a directional path. Normal sound waves in air vibrate from front to back as they propagate outward in all directions from their source.”

This idea alone is adequate to initiate a long trail of imaginative conjecture about the origins of our universe and its maintenance. The idea is that everything “vibrates”.  For eons, now, science has been toying with the idea that sound and sound waves are vital to the constancy of our universe and the life upon it. The problem was that we had no way of empirically substantiating what we thought we knew.  String theory spoke highly of frequency possibly being the magic link that could unite general relativity and quantum theory.  But their main pillar of logic was mathematically oriented and they had only theorems and equations to back them up. Mankind needed a much more tangible explanation to even begin to understand what the string theorists were so excited about. Take time to consider the wonders of our vibrating universe!



For far too long we – students and academics alike – have been guilty of narrow thinking.  That is to say that we take  the simple, surface facts of life. much too much for granted.  We hear music and we make a snap decision – either we like it or we don’t. We hear a song bird trill and we think how nice – a song bird – without realizing that the bird is actually making music. We hear a sonic boom and never stop to think that that particular aircraft had just then flown slam up against and then quite “through” its own sound. And how often do we ask whether or not these things are related. What is this thing we call “sound”?

Did you ever stop to think about a sonogram? It is a “sound picture” of the subject, such as an unborn baby. Sound waves, very much like the dolphin sonic beam, is able to outline the form of a human being in-utero to such a fine degree that doctors and technicians can ascertain the baby’s sex almost 100%.

One of the lead scientists in the emergence of the new science,”cymatics”, had gone to Egypt on an experimental fact-finding expedition. He and his team went to the great. He was experiencing severe back pain at the time and in the course of his experimentation, he suddenly realized that the pain was gone. This was the beginning of very serious research on sound as a healing entity.

Then, of course, there is the baffling and astounding discovery in recent years that there is a fundamental wave length of sound that encompasses the human body, the human voice, the optimum vibrato for stringed instruments AND the entire global venue we call “earth”.  It is a property of electro-magnetic radiation and its frequency is 7.75 cycles per second (CPS) based on the velocity of light. Understand that this frequency does vacillate up or down to a very low degree, but it is significant that it is very constant considering the vastness of the spectrum it covers. Coincidence? I think not. Planned and designed? Most assuredly. By Whom?


Light is, indeed, one of the greatest wonders of our vibrating universe. As soon as one begins to talk about light in the universe, the presence of electro-magnetic forces snap into focus and the miracle of light becomes a tantalizing subject. Light and electro-magnetic forces are inseparable considerations.  And, they are indivisible from connections with frequency and therefore, vibration as well.

Two days ago, the country experienced a total eclipse of the sun. This phenomenon interrupted many of our deeply ingrained observations to the extent that we found it difficult to explain what we were experiencing. For one thing the afternoon light became very thin—not only dusk-like. The air seemed to have less light in it, square inch for square inch.  And then there were those strange inverted crescents all over my driveway-thousands of them, I think. The experts called them crescent shadows and said that they were a result of the natural “pinhole cameras” created by the trees. This seems weak to me. I rather believe that those crescents are the actual shadows of the eclipse itself sent down the corridors of multiplied thousands of miles on some reduced frequency or electro-magnetic force, impeded by the reduced amount of vibration  available because of the eclipse. Conjecture?  Of course, but that is where all new knowledge and methodology come from—imagination.  Ask Einstein.

The wonder of our vibrating universe. Think about the aurora: it has both sound and light. Fascinating! And as you are thinking about this, consider that each planet has a different “color” and ask yourself “Why?” and does it have anything to do with the Schumann Resonance or electro-magnetic force waves of that particular planet? Are there really dynamic relationships among all of the wonders or our vibrating universe?

I submit that the more you think about our universe and its wonders, the closer you will come to the realization that everything that we know of the universe around us is related!


Sound and vibration in creation are coming more and more into the forefront of foundational scientific thinking.   Australian Aboriginal tradition says: “—-primordial sound created the world and everything in it.” Science is now taking this idea seriously and is actually basing a great deal of research on this idea.

Sound and vibration are difficult to apprehend and to understand.  There are too many facets of the subject to allow us to talk about it general terms.  Therefore, think about creation.  Science has fairly well settled the issue about sound in creation.  A group of theorists and scholars headed by John Stuart Reid in the UK have been working very hard and long to establish an empirical  system of studying sound.  They have largely succeeded.  Now, through their efforts we have the cymascope which can capture and exhibit the peculiar and essential characteristics of sound waves.  String theory has been profoundly pursuing this idea of vibration and creation for many years and now it is possible to actually see sound waves and particle waves in order to understand.

“According to string theory, absolutely everything in the universe—all of the particles that make up matter and forces—is comprised of tiny vibrating fundamental strings. … The body of the violin has resonant frequencies, which work to amplify the sound created by the vibrating string.”

This principle is one which is viable in every discipline from mathematics to medicine—the principle of harmonics—which is so obviously present in the field of music. Sound and vibration are self-evident universally.

“Vibration underpins all matter in the universe.No matter can exist without vibration.”  John Stuart Reid


Sound and vibration in creation cover myriads of subjects.  First, we must decide what sound and vibration really are.

This link is worth following.  “Sound is the transfer of vibrational information at the moment of collision between any two atoms or molecules.” John Stuart Reid and his wife Annaliese have written a profound expose` on the properties and history of sound research.  The remarkable thing about their research is its scope and the vastness of applications which they and their colleagues make in this field of sound.

Over the eons of time since the scientific method has come into being, knowledge has proliferated to the point that it is difficult to narrow one’s thinking to a place of simplicity.  So, lets’ look at this one statement: Sound occurs when two atoms or molecules collide.  Our finite human minds almost defy considering anything that we cannot see.  We cannot “see” atoms.  I can recall as a child the furor and even fear that was generated when Robert J Oppenheimer and his colleagues started talking about “splitting the atom” which was thought to be the smallest particle of matter in the ’30’s and ’40’s.  When they succeeded in doing just that, Oppenheimer made the observation that “—he had become death, the destroyer of worlds.” Certainly, this scenario is a possibility. But think about how far science has progressed since the splitting of the atom; or the advances in medical science.

At the very least, we now have a firm foundation for furthering the investigation of what role sound really plays in the whole creation saga. And the further we go into this fascinating field of sound and vibration in creation, the more profoundly obvious it becomes that this idea of sound an vibration is definitive.  It simply remains for mankind to follow the path to truth diligently.


What interests me most is that something suddenly comes to light in the scripture that reads: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” (John 1:1)  And also: “All things were created by Him and for Him.  He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:16, 17)  What does this mean? And here is where we must put our sanctified imaginations to the fullest of their usefulness. Did you ever consider that those scripture verses were not only to be seen in the spiritual realms, but could also have a very deep meaning in the physical and material world as well? Words are sounds: sounds are vibrations: vibrations are cohesive forces. Is the ultimate energy in creation the sound of the Word of God? And Who is the Word of God? Jesus. Remember that Einstein said: “Imagination is great than intelligence or knowledge.”…bout-imagination


Again, this link is  important enough to refer to a second time.  The wealth of stimulating thought is staggering, if one has the least interest in fresh and potentially revolutionary ideas.  One of the statements made early in this article is: “Sound (is) the primordial organizer of the universe.” (John Stuart and Annaliese Reid)

The word primordial gives me, as the write of this blog a bit of pause, because it customarily infers that the defining qualities are from a past that cannot be documented.  It belongs to the pre-historic age and I am not sure how I feel about that.  My philosophies date from Genesis 1 and “—In the beginning—-“.  All things pre-eminate from that time. But that is not worth spending space on here and can be saved for another blog.

The “sound-ness” (pun intended) of that inference is that vibration and frequency and sound are inherent to creation.  The only way matter could have emanated from nothing, as Genesis says, is by “Sound” – the Sound of God’s voice, whether spoken or, as I believe, sung.

That being the case, it can easily be inferred that the Creator of that Sound, being Omnipotent God, had a perfect plan already in place before He uttered that Sound.  Therefore, all of the harmonics and sub-harmonics had to be already perfectly designed and articulated. This concept, fully understood from even a purely mathematical point of view would explain Pythagoras’ Golden Mean, which can only sound baffling and difficult to grasp without perfect design behind it. Once this concept is in place it becomes logical that vibration and sound could be the only dependable means for healing from within the organism itself.

Follow these ideas, add to them and question them, but don’t ignore them. Because there is no end to the corollaries in art, science, math, medicine, ad infinitum.


Visible sound – music – inseparable. Imagine what this concept could eventually teach us.  James Burke wrote in his landmark book, The Day the World Changed, that “–as the body of knowledge changes, so do we—-“.   There are exciting changes taking place in today’s world that could revolutionize our total understanding of our universe. One of the greatest new insights is “visible sound”.  Visible Sound is a novel idea. It could be the ground-breaking idea that finally gathers all disciplines together under one umbrella. Einstein believed this would eventually happen.  His Holy Grail was to find a “means of describing nature’s forces within a single, all-encompassing, coherent framework.”   His was a passionate belief that the deepest understanding of the universe would reveal its truest wonder: the simplicity and power of the principles on which it was based.”

Visible sound – music – inseparable? Where does the idea of visible sound come into the picture? The entire scientific world has at one time or another considered the vast importance of frequency, vibration and wave-theory as necessary to the study of matter and our universe. Light travels in waves: electricity travels in waves: heat and cold, wind and fire, song and music all travel from one place to another in waves—or so we thought.  A new emergent science called cymatics is now saying that waves are only the linear expression of bubbles of sound, light, color and such.  With the development of their cymascope, they have been able to create patterns out of nothing but sound, and furthermore, to photograph those patterns successfully. Visible sound is now a reality, thanks to the developments in the cymatics laboratories, and is becoming a valuable tool. Not only is this experimentation broadening our knowledge of sound, but it is making it possible to see how sound creates form out of formlessness. Music is the highest form of sound. They can be considered one and the same.

Visible sound – music – inseparable. What does this have to do with the image at the head of this article? This image was created by recording and playing back the sonic waves made by a dolphin. Sound waves and music are irrevocably related to one another. Hence, one could make the assumption that this image was shaped by the vibration of musical frequencies of some ilk.


John Stuart Reid and Jack Kassewitz have collaborated in an astounding experiment with dolphins. They submerged several objects in a dolphin pool.  Amaya, a dolphin, was ten tasked to swim up to them and identify them in dolphin-speak, a sonic beam of click-sounds. They  recorded the sounds with an underwater microphone and high-frequency recording equipment.  The dolphin was then exposed to the recording and asked to identify the objects. She listened to her own click-speech and identified all eight objects with an 86% accuracy. Stretching this idea even further, they took the recordings to another pool with a strange dolphin.  That dolphin also identified them with a similar degree of accuracy.

“Just like people can visualize an object by just touching it, dolphins can get an idea of what an object looks like by scanning it with their sonar. They can also identify objects with their sonar that they have only been able to see.”

Scientists produced the blurred outlines of a submerged man after recording the sonar signals with an underwater microphone and refining them into pictures.  The image on this page is a computer enhanced version of the image created by the dolphin’s sonic beam, played back and photographed by the cymascope. The original image can be seen in the following daily mail excerpt. It is appropriate to note that less complicated images, like a flower pot, were much clearer and needed little if any refining.

Visible sound – music- inseparable. Imagination comes into play here. It may difficult for mankind to hear “music” in the dolphin’s click-language. But take note of how the dolphin community calls to one another, and how they affectionately name each other, and then note the musical inflections of their voices.



For many years, science has pondered over how the bee navigates. The annual migration of geese, butterflies, robins and whales has prompted all manner of conjecture and theory.  One fairly well-founded idea is that there is some kind of electro-magnetic signal involved. Does visible sound – music – inseparable as an entity have anything to do with these migrations?

Or, consider the mating activities of the insect world. They are constantly “singing” to one another.  As are birds. The list of considerations goes on and on

Up to this time it has been fairly impossible to come to any sound (no pun intended) conclusions.  John Stuart Reid has made the statement that without vibration (frequency) all matter would collapse, and this is the idea that led him and his colleagues to the development of the cymascope. Now it is possible to capture images in the making and literally take pictures of them that can visualize what we could only capture in mathematical equation in the past.

It is important to begin seeing sound and music as inseparable, and, therefore, their ability to create form is also a unified function.  And the list of considerations goes on and on; only imagination can serve us well as we ponder these new venturesome ideas.

True Sign of Intelligence Is Imagination – Einstein


Where_did_music_come_fromMusic’s unique power in the universe can be described in thousands of ways, depending upon the context.  A musician will describe the technical elements and, maybe, the emotional effect of the music.  A doctor will talk about the healing elements, even though not fully understood.  However, music’s unique power to heal is a given. The unique power of music to recreate memory  is well recognized, if not completely comprehended.  Music is a powerful tool in treating the mentally challenged, the elderly and those afflicted with all kinds of dementia.   But—-the truth in music with which I am dealing goes much deeper than this: it has to do with the human soul and the creation of the entire universe.   Music’s unique power cannot be exclusively understood  without realizing the deep connections at work in the entire universe and its creatures.  Recent research has made it very clear that there is a direct connection between  musical capabilities and  linguistic capabilities.   Humankind and the animal world—especially the bird-world share the mechanisms that facilitate language and song. The song-learning areas of the “bird-brain” and the human brain are congruent, and can be mapped.

Music swirls all around us—just like the graphic to the left.


Ofer Tchernikovski, City College of New York, has done extensive research in the fields of language and speech development.  He made a study of the zebra finch from Australia and how it learns to sing.  The same brain waves and patterns of repetitive syllable sounds are evident in the finch as in the human child learning to speak.  An interesting side-bar to his research was the discovery that songbirds often stutter just like human beings.  The faulty synapse firing that causes a human being to stutter causes the same reaction in a bird.  Bird songs electronically slowed down exhibit melody and rhythm just like song does to us.  Music’s unique power is evident in Ofer’s work: it exploits the idea that music exists everywhere and in many strange and unexpected places.  This is only one example of the imagination invoking the presence of music in the world around us.  It needs to be nurtured and expanded upon.    Remember to connect the dots.


Space exploration is one of the most fascinating and reason-defying marks of our century. NASA has sent probes into space which have sent back recordings of sounds that have not been available to us in real time. What does this have to do with the idea of music’s unique power in the universe?  It takes the willingness to stretch the imagination in order to open up a new world of beauty and knowing. Connect the dots  and  relate the knowledge of musical elements to other, stranger fields of knowledge. Ask the questions: What Is Music Really?

How many of you have ever thought of space music in any other way than the movie score for Star Wars?   How about the innate music of the spheres? What about the music of the planets, or the stars, or the aurora borealis?   One of the problems besetting this line of thinking is our human prejudicial concepts of music itself.   Did it ever occur to you that zebra finch is making music or that the wood wren’s song is a precursor to the Beethoven Fifth?   (See above)  If that is a difficult concept, how much more difficult is it to think of the music made by the rings of the planet Saturn.  One of my favorite orchestral instruments is the tympani.  The electro-magnetic song of the Saturn rings, in my mind, is the tympani in the percussion section of the universal symphony orchestra!


When a toddler  is able to conduct with the heart and soul of a mature conductor, it signals a mysterious reality. It signals the innate existence of something deep within that cannot be readily explained.  Watch this brief video and see if you can logically explain it.  We are music.