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God's Song Jettie Harris

Do you realize that our entire universe is a vibrating universe? The wonders of our vibrating universe are there for us to study and are also too vast to number.  Just yesterday we experienced a total eclipse of the sun in a large area of our country.  That was made possible by the wave-length/particle travel of packets of energy called photons. Photons travel in the same way that sound waves travel, except that they do not require a medium through which to move. I found a web-site that has a unique approach to science and art. Here is an interesting quote from that site: “Light and sound are waves. All waves travel outward from the source that creates them, and all waves vibrate. A vibration is simply a back and forth motion around a position of equilibrium. Light waves vibrate from side to side as they travel along a directional path. Normal sound waves in air vibrate from front to back as they propagate outward in all directions from their source.”

This idea alone is adequate to initiate a long trail of imaginative conjecture about the origins of our universe and its maintenance. The idea is that everything “vibrates”.  For eons, now, science has been toying with the idea that sound and sound waves are vital to the constancy of our universe and the life upon it. The problem was that we had no way of empirically substantiating what we thought we knew.  String theory spoke highly of frequency possibly being the magic link that could unite general relativity and quantum theory.  But their main pillar of logic was mathematically oriented and they had only theorems and equations to back them up. Mankind needed a much more tangible explanation to even begin to understand what the string theorists were so excited about. Take time to consider the wonders of our vibrating universe!



For far too long we – students and academics alike – have been guilty of narrow thinking.  That is to say that we take  the simple, surface facts of life. much too much for granted.  We hear music and we make a snap decision – either we like it or we don’t. We hear a song bird trill and we think how nice – a song bird – without realizing that the bird is actually making music. We hear a sonic boom and never stop to think that that particular aircraft had just then flown slam up against and then quite “through” its own sound. And how often do we ask whether or not these things are related. What is this thing we call “sound”?

Did you ever stop to think about a sonogram? It is a “sound picture” of the subject, such as an unborn baby. Sound waves, very much like the dolphin sonic beam, is able to outline the form of a human being in-utero to such a fine degree that doctors and technicians can ascertain the baby’s sex almost 100%.

One of the lead scientists in the emergence of the new science,”cymatics”, had gone to Egypt on an experimental fact-finding expedition. He and his team went to the great. He was experiencing severe back pain at the time and in the course of his experimentation, he suddenly realized that the pain was gone. This was the beginning of very serious research on sound as a healing entity.

Then, of course, there is the baffling and astounding discovery in recent years that there is a fundamental wave length of sound that encompasses the human body, the human voice, the optimum vibrato for stringed instruments AND the entire global venue we call “earth”.  It is a property of electro-magnetic radiation and its frequency is 7.75 cycles per second (CPS) based on the velocity of light. Understand that this frequency does vacillate up or down to a very low degree, but it is significant that it is very constant considering the vastness of the spectrum it covers. Coincidence? I think not. Planned and designed? Most assuredly. By Whom?


Light is, indeed, one of the greatest wonders of our vibrating universe. As soon as one begins to talk about light in the universe, the presence of electro-magnetic forces snap into focus and the miracle of light becomes a tantalizing subject. Light and electro-magnetic forces are inseparable considerations.  And, they are indivisible from connections with frequency and therefore, vibration as well.

Two days ago, the country experienced a total eclipse of the sun. This phenomenon interrupted many of our deeply ingrained observations to the extent that we found it difficult to explain what we were experiencing. For one thing the afternoon light became very thin—not only dusk-like. The air seemed to have less light in it, square inch for square inch.  And then there were those strange inverted crescents all over my driveway-thousands of them, I think. The experts called them crescent shadows and said that they were a result of the natural “pinhole cameras” created by the trees. This seems weak to me. I rather believe that those crescents are the actual shadows of the eclipse itself sent down the corridors of multiplied thousands of miles on some reduced frequency or electro-magnetic force, impeded by the reduced amount of vibration  available because of the eclipse. Conjecture?  Of course, but that is where all new knowledge and methodology come from—imagination.  Ask Einstein.

The wonder of our vibrating universe. Think about the aurora: it has both sound and light. Fascinating! And as you are thinking about this, consider that each planet has a different “color” and ask yourself “Why?” and does it have anything to do with the Schumann Resonance or electro-magnetic force waves of that particular planet? Are there really dynamic relationships among all of the wonders or our vibrating universe?

I submit that the more you think about our universe and its wonders, the closer you will come to the realization that everything that we know of the universe around us is related!


Sound and vibration in creation are coming more and more into the forefront of foundational scientific thinking.   Australian Aboriginal tradition says: “—-primordial sound created the world and everything in it.” Science is now taking this idea seriously and is actually basing a great deal of research on this idea.

Sound and vibration are difficult to apprehend and to understand.  There are too many facets of the subject to allow us to talk about it general terms.  Therefore, think about creation.  Science has fairly well settled the issue about sound in creation.  A group of theorists and scholars headed by John Stuart Reid in the UK have been working very hard and long to establish an empirical  system of studying sound.  They have largely succeeded.  Now, through their efforts we have the cymascope which can capture and exhibit the peculiar and essential characteristics of sound waves.  String theory has been profoundly pursuing this idea of vibration and creation for many years and now it is possible to actually see sound waves and particle waves in order to understand.

“According to string theory, absolutely everything in the universe—all of the particles that make up matter and forces—is comprised of tiny vibrating fundamental strings. … The body of the violin has resonant frequencies, which work to amplify the sound created by the vibrating string.”

This principle is one which is viable in every discipline from mathematics to medicine—the principle of harmonics—which is so obviously present in the field of music. Sound and vibration are self-evident universally.

“Vibration underpins all matter in the universe.No matter can exist without vibration.”  John Stuart Reid


Sound and vibration in creation cover myriads of subjects.  First, we must decide what sound and vibration really are.

This link is worth following.  “Sound is the transfer of vibrational information at the moment of collision between any two atoms or molecules.” John Stuart Reid and his wife Annaliese have written a profound expose` on the properties and history of sound research.  The remarkable thing about their research is its scope and the vastness of applications which they and their colleagues make in this field of sound.

Over the eons of time since the scientific method has come into being, knowledge has proliferated to the point that it is difficult to narrow one’s thinking to a place of simplicity.  So, lets’ look at this one statement: Sound occurs when two atoms or molecules collide.  Our finite human minds almost defy considering anything that we cannot see.  We cannot “see” atoms.  I can recall as a child the furor and even fear that was generated when Robert J Oppenheimer and his colleagues started talking about “splitting the atom” which was thought to be the smallest particle of matter in the ’30’s and ’40’s.  When they succeeded in doing just that, Oppenheimer made the observation that “—he had become death, the destroyer of worlds.” Certainly, this scenario is a possibility. But think about how far science has progressed since the splitting of the atom; or the advances in medical science.

At the very least, we now have a firm foundation for furthering the investigation of what role sound really plays in the whole creation saga. And the further we go into this fascinating field of sound and vibration in creation, the more profoundly obvious it becomes that this idea of sound an vibration is definitive.  It simply remains for mankind to follow the path to truth diligently.


What interests me most is that something suddenly comes to light in the scripture that reads: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” (John 1:1)  And also: “All things were created by Him and for Him.  He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:16, 17)  What does this mean? And here is where we must put our sanctified imaginations to the fullest of their usefulness. Did you ever consider that those scripture verses were not only to be seen in the spiritual realms, but could also have a very deep meaning in the physical and material world as well? Words are sounds: sounds are vibrations: vibrations are cohesive forces. Is the ultimate energy in creation the sound of the Word of God? And Who is the Word of God? Jesus. Remember that Einstein said: “Imagination is great than intelligence or knowledge.”…bout-imagination


Again, this link is  important enough to refer to a second time.  The wealth of stimulating thought is staggering, if one has the least interest in fresh and potentially revolutionary ideas.  One of the statements made early in this article is: “Sound (is) the primordial organizer of the universe.” (John Stuart and Annaliese Reid)

The word primordial gives me, as the write of this blog a bit of pause, because it customarily infers that the defining qualities are from a past that cannot be documented.  It belongs to the pre-historic age and I am not sure how I feel about that.  My philosophies date from Genesis 1 and “—In the beginning—-“.  All things pre-eminate from that time. But that is not worth spending space on here and can be saved for another blog.

The “sound-ness” (pun intended) of that inference is that vibration and frequency and sound are inherent to creation.  The only way matter could have emanated from nothing, as Genesis says, is by “Sound” – the Sound of God’s voice, whether spoken or, as I believe, sung.

That being the case, it can easily be inferred that the Creator of that Sound, being Omnipotent God, had a perfect plan already in place before He uttered that Sound.  Therefore, all of the harmonics and sub-harmonics had to be already perfectly designed and articulated. This concept, fully understood from even a purely mathematical point of view would explain Pythagoras’ Golden Mean, which can only sound baffling and difficult to grasp without perfect design behind it. Once this concept is in place it becomes logical that vibration and sound could be the only dependable means for healing from within the organism itself.

Follow these ideas, add to them and question them, but don’t ignore them. Because there is no end to the corollaries in art, science, math, medicine, ad infinitum.