About Jettie

Jettie Harris began her quest for “Truth in Music” as a young girl of ten.  She was very ill with scarlet fever, and the family doctor was not enthusiastic about her recovery.  She discovered a program on the small radio her father had given her  called “The Guiding Light”, the story of the Old Testament.  Every afternoon at 5:15 PM the program aired for 15 minutes.  The theme music was a beautiful piano-violin piece she had never heard before, and it became her life-line. It so inspired her that she vowed to live ‘just one more day’ so she could hear it again.  This was the beginning of her journey to find the real “Truth In Music”.

Jettie Harris exhibited qualities of a child prodigy which caused no small consternation to her parents.  She possessed an unrelenting curiosity;  her most overdone question was “Why?”, and she posed that question about everything.  Her early musical training was with private teachers from personnel in the West Point Army  Band during WW II.  One of those teachers was a descendant of Antonin Dvorak and another studied with Gaston Dethier at Julliard.  Dethier was a student of the great Franz Liszt.  Harris’ pianistic and musical  destiny was well-set by the time she reached high school.

However, it was not until much later in life that  Harris was able to go to college.  Her two daughters were out on their own and her son was in high school when Colonel Hutchison, her husband, decreed that she should go to music school; in fact, he arranged for her to audition at Westminster Choir College, even in spite of  being older than the Director of the Westminster Choir.   She was graduated from Westminster in three years with honors.   She became a member of the renowned Westminster Choir, traveled with them for three years in the United States and sang with them for two summers in Spoleto, Italy at the Festival of Two Worlds.

Harris earned her Master of Arts degree at Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey with an Education Supervisory Certificate.  Her extra-curricular studies included conducting, piano and music analysis with Conrad Wolff and Elaine Brown of Singing City fame.

She spent much of her time during the eleven years of higher education pursuing her passion—–the origins of music and what she came to call finding “truth in music”.  All of this was precursor to the writing of her two books, God’s Song and God’s Opera, where she openly explores not only the origin of music, but also the origin of all creation.   A fascinating pursuit, to say the least, to which she hopes all visitors to this web-site will contribute.

Ironically, one of the most astounding discoveries Jettie Harris made was not necessarily or obviously musical.  On a surfing expedition to find material for her second book, Harris came upon the work of international experimenters who called themselves “cymaticists”.  Scientists, researchers and mathematicians from UK, Denmark and the US had, according to Harris found the key to the same evasive truth she had found.  Their research had apparently given them proof that vibrating energy, frequency and sound were the actual forces that held the entire universe and all that is in it together!    http://www.cymatics.org/

Aside from her musical achievements, Jettie Harris is a licensed pilot, with certifications in instrument flight and instrument flight instruction.  At age 84 she finally sold her beloved airplane, which was the flagship of the flight school which she and her deceased husband owned and operated until 9-ll.  She attributes her many accomplishments to her insatiable curiosity, which drove her to learn and explore.  Her hope is to inspire many more to pick up the banner and follow her into finding this ‘truth in music’,  which she believes is at the root of all being and comes directly from the Creator God.