The God of music think of it as the, “Music creation connection” . . . is there a connection? With every question answered about music in this series of blogs, comes another set of questions. The quest for discovering the origin of music has resulted in the realization that music doesn’t have a beginning. It is all-pervasive, present in nature, present in every culture and every age. Music is varied in form and style as the snow-flake is in design. What, then, are we dealing with? And can we assume that that very all-pervasiveness is the window into seeing what, if any, connection there is between music and creation?

How do we define music?

When dealing with the “music creation connection” there is one simple fact to keep in mind. We can’t make the mistake of equating musical qualities we know of this world with creation. Even Bach, in his incredible genius could not have composed melodies of such stature as to frame a star or planet or even a tree. One must have the ability to access his sanctified imagination to reach much deeper and at least attempt to understand that we are in a realm of understanding which is eternal in nature and that the music we are referencing is not Bach or Brahms. Even Bach in all of his genius could not have crafted a melody sufficient to shape a star or a planet or even a tree.

So, what do we mean when speak of the “music creation connection.” Simply that music was the raw material of creation. What music?

In just the same manner that we realize that humans cannot apprehend the true nature of God Almighty, we also cannot apprehend exactly what it is when we speak of the music of the Singing God. Remember,this is the same God who breathed the very breath of life into every living thing. What was that song that He breathed? It may be hard to imagine.

Just take a long look at the beauty of everything around us and allow ourselves to hear the rhythms and the harmony and the union of all things beautiful in that beauty. The bird song, the babbling brook, the whispering wind. We must allow ourselves to see and to sense the rising and setting sun and moon, to watch the circling seasons, and to realize the beauty of day and night in their never-ending arcs. This is music in the most real form.

Engineering the Music of Creation

These thoughts first took shape one day when my husband and I were out on the golf course jogging. In his well-calibrated engineer’s mind, he commented without editorial, “I know that God could wave His hand and create anything that He wished to create. But I also know that He would not set any system into motion frivolously without having a firm reason for its being what He intended. He had to be very deliberate with every thing He put in place. So—-what were His raw materials for the creation of the universes?”

That question rang in my mind for weeks. And then I suddenly heard the answer—-MUSIC! It is everywhere. You cannot separate it from the birds or the wind or the rain or anything else in nature. The human body is music personified. MUSIC!

I leave you with this thought—-THE RAW MATERIAL OF CREATION IS IN FACT MUSIC! Thus leaving God as the God of Music. Please check out my blog on sound.

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