Where Did Music Come From? Simple Answer – Hello, World! Indeed! Finally, I can go on-line and see the results of a lifetime of inquiry and study, and a child-like curiosity that still, at the age of 85, is as sharp-edged as ever. At the age of ten and in danger of death from scarlet fever, I began a journey, which has lasted, literally, for my entire life of answering that question; “Where Did Music Come From?”. The questions that fueled that journey were simple, or so I thought: What is music, after all? Where did music come from? As a matter of fact, where did we come from? And—–is there any connection between the two?

Why I Wrote My Book

I was a precocious child and musically talented. So, these questions were not really THAT strange in the context of my small world, but they were relentless. Why does music make me feel things I can’t begin to describe? Why the world of nature intrigue and move me so intensely? And why is music called the universal language? And isn’t it more than a language? Have any of you out there in this vast cyber-land had such gnawing ideas for which you can find no satisfactory explanations? Have you ever asked the question; “Where Did Music Come From?”

If so, I would be so pleased to hear from you. And as this new on-line venture unfolds, I will have so many things to share for you to consider! It has been an amazing and kaleidoscopic journey. Please join me. Comments and questions on all blogs are most welcome.

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