Visible sound – music – inseparable. Imagine what this concept could eventually teach us.  James Burke wrote in his landmark book, The Day the World Changed, that “–as the body of knowledge changes, so do we—-“.   There are exciting changes taking place in today’s world that could revolutionize our total understanding of our universe. One of the greatest new insights is “visible sound”.  Visible Sound is a novel idea. It could be the ground-breaking idea that finally gathers all disciplines together under one umbrella. Einstein believed this would eventually happen.  His Holy Grail was to find a “means of describing nature’s forces within a single, all-encompassing, coherent framework.”   His was a passionate belief that the deepest understanding of the universe would reveal its truest wonder: the simplicity and power of the principles on which it was based.”

Visible sound – music – inseparable? Where does the idea of visible sound come into the picture? The entire scientific world has at one time or another considered the vast importance of frequency, vibration and wave-theory as necessary to the study of matter and our universe. Light travels in waves: electricity travels in waves: heat and cold, wind and fire, song and music all travel from one place to another in waves—or so we thought.  A new emergent science called cymatics is now saying that waves are only the linear expression of bubbles of sound, light, color and such.  With the development of their cymascope, they have been able to create patterns out of nothing but sound, and furthermore, to photograph those patterns successfully. Visible sound is now a reality, thanks to the developments in the cymatics laboratories, and is becoming a valuable tool. Not only is this experimentation broadening our knowledge of sound, but it is making it possible to see how sound creates form out of formlessness. Music is the highest form of sound. They can be considered one and the same.

Visible sound – music – inseparable. What does this have to do with the image at the head of this article? This image was created by recording and playing back the sonic waves made by a dolphin. Sound waves and music are irrevocably related to one another. Hence, one could make the assumption that this image was shaped by the vibration of musical frequencies of some ilk.


John Stuart Reid and Jack Kassewitz have collaborated in an astounding experiment with dolphins. They submerged several objects in a dolphin pool.  Amaya, a dolphin, was ten tasked to swim up to them and identify them in dolphin-speak, a sonic beam of click-sounds. They  recorded the sounds with an underwater microphone and high-frequency recording equipment.  The dolphin was then exposed to the recording and asked to identify the objects. She listened to her own click-speech and identified all eight objects with an 86% accuracy. Stretching this idea even further, they took the recordings to another pool with a strange dolphin.  That dolphin also identified them with a similar degree of accuracy.

“Just like people can visualize an object by just touching it, dolphins can get an idea of what an object looks like by scanning it with their sonar. They can also identify objects with their sonar that they have only been able to see.”

Scientists produced the blurred outlines of a submerged man after recording the sonar signals with an underwater microphone and refining them into pictures.  The image on this page is a computer enhanced version of the image created by the dolphin’s sonic beam, played back and photographed by the cymascope. The original image can be seen in the following daily mail excerpt. It is appropriate to note that less complicated images, like a flower pot, were much clearer and needed little if any refining.

Visible sound – music- inseparable. Imagination comes into play here. It may difficult for mankind to hear “music” in the dolphin’s click-language. But take note of how the dolphin community calls to one another, and how they affectionately name each other, and then note the musical inflections of their voices.



For many years, science has pondered over how the bee navigates. The annual migration of geese, butterflies, robins and whales has prompted all manner of conjecture and theory.  One fairly well-founded idea is that there is some kind of electro-magnetic signal involved. Does visible sound – music – inseparable as an entity have anything to do with these migrations?

Or, consider the mating activities of the insect world. They are constantly “singing” to one another.  As are birds. The list of considerations goes on and on

Up to this time it has been fairly impossible to come to any sound (no pun intended) conclusions.  John Stuart Reid has made the statement that without vibration (frequency) all matter would collapse, and this is the idea that led him and his colleagues to the development of the cymascope. Now it is possible to capture images in the making and literally take pictures of them that can visualize what we could only capture in mathematical equation in the past.

It is important to begin seeing sound and music as inseparable, and, therefore, their ability to create form is also a unified function.  And the list of considerations goes on and on; only imagination can serve us well as we ponder these new venturesome ideas.

True Sign of Intelligence Is Imagination – Einstein

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