The Moon Sing? Sounds ridiculous! Imagine being hundreds of thousand miles away. You are looking up at the earth. The moon is silhouetted like a huge balloon against the southern-most oceans of our planet. You are on the dark side of the moon. Imagine being in a space ship equipped with the latest technology in plasma wave antennae and high-definition speakers. Suddenly you hear a hauntingly weird sound, as of some angelic beings humming, accompanied only by a rustling wind. Then the wafting sound of some ethereal flute playing in the most soprano of soprano registers. Never have you heard music like this, but it is, without a doubt —– beautiful music. Anyone who has heard, or thought they heard, space music says, it is peaceful and it is beautiful. Click Here to hear it yourself.

The Moon Sing? Just Ask the Astronauts?

The first time the astronauts orbited the moon, they were seriously unprepared for what happened. As they soared around the orbit into the starkness of the dark side, all radio contact was lost. They were prepared for that. What they were not prepared for was what happened next. See the following link to hear what they heard. Click hear to hear it yourself.

When they returned to earth, their first reaction was to keep silence about what they had heard. They certainly couldn’t afford to be grounded because they were thought to be victims of hallucinations of some sort. It was not until several decades later that their recorded conversations were unveiled. The world for the first time heard the moon sing. It was the beautiful sound that the astronauts heard on the dark side of the moon. Click here to view a different video.

We now know that what they heard was the sound of the electromagnetic activities, which are proliferated in space. The fascinating thing about electromagnetic frequencies is they are directly related to sound waves, pitch and production of energy. Click here to view even another video.

Imagine! Had you been one of the first astronauts, what would your conclusions have been? Through the years more has been uncovered about the nature of vibration, frequency and sound (music). It has become clear that the most viable cohesive force in our universe IS sound.

The Moon Sing? What does it mean?

Imagination is more valuable than education or intelligence, according to Albert Einstein. Let’s travel to the dark side of the moon in your imagination. You will be exposed to a beauty and a rarity that can not be equaled here on earth. Even if Einstein’s equations could be proven, they could not rival hearing the planets and stars singing. Each one sings its own unique song. Earth does not sound like Neptune; Saturn does not sing the same song that Jupiter sings. As I ponder in my imagination, the song of Neptune actually does capture the echoes of the sea. Earth actually has a vibrato in her song. Earth is only one planet that houses human kind. They both share vibrato in their singing. Interesting! Click here to check out another video.

All of this is being said for one reason. I believe that Creation was sung into being by God Almighty, the Singing Musician-Lord of the Universe. Many, ancient and pagan cultures have similar legends about singing creator gods—-with one vast difference. Our Jehovah God is the only Living God Who was not made by any other hands. Therefore His Song is, by imperative, the First and Eternal Song, and out of it comes ALL other song. Music is inherent in and intrinsic to all creation.

Logically this Eternal God, Singing Musician-Lord of the Universe, is the ultimate Creator of all things. His raw material was Song. He taught the planets to sing. He taught the moon to sing as well. The sounds of the universe need our creatively diverse human imagination. Which helps us to understand this truth in music—-it may not be music as we choose to think of it. But it is music nonetheless—-the music of the spheres—and Almighty God, the Singing God—-is the Source.

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