WHY?   Why would you name a town WHY?  If I lived in WHY, AZ, I would have great fun with the idea of “why”.

WHY is the sky blue? Why are the mountains where they are? Is there any reason for why the valley is so dry and sandy? Why doesn’t the rain fall in the valley like it does on the mountain tops? And, why does the road seem to disappear as it goes farther and farther into the mountainous background? Why did someone call this town by its odd name, WHY?

That simple three letter word is one of the most powerful words in our English language. It spawned the discovery of electricity. It preceded the creation of the steam engine and the airplane. And, that word has succeeded in driving parents to nervous distraction like it did my daddy when I asked the question for the thousandth time. Consider music. Consider creation.  Is there any connection between the evidence of music in almost every possible domain and the idea that creation might have been a musical event? I believe that there is a very definite connection.  It just takes a little imagination to open worlds of possibility.

Do Trees Sing And If They Do, WHY?

Bernard “Bernie” Krause was born December 8, 1938. He is an American musician and soundscape ecologist and bio-acoustician of wide renown. His early experience with music was with The Weavers and Pete Seeger. It is easy to see why he became so entwined in the study of music and nature. His work branched out and he became interested in musical landscaping. He pioneered using nature’s myriad voices in musical recordings.

In 2009, he was recording bat sonar signatures when he and his team made an astounding discovery.Trees sing. And there is an ecologically sound (no pun intended) reason for their singing. It is part of a carefully engineered process that helps to create a necessary micro-habitat supporting bees and birds.  Sound is “the cohesion”. One could say “music is the cohesion.”  Click Here to learn more.

Incredible! Over forty years ago I began pursuing an idea. My idea was that Creation was actually a musical event, and I set out to prove it. Of course, that is an almost impossibly tall order. One cannot prove anything about Creation because it includes dealing with theological and eternal frames of reference. That, in and of itself, is virtually impossible. However, in the process, many astounding truths, like singing trees, have surfaced. It is slowly becoming a thesis to be proven in the future.

Does Outer Space Sing And If So, WHY?

One night in 1945 or 1946, I was walking to my church to attend choir practice. I was suddenly aware of a huge dome of scarlet light over my head.  I was only about 13 or 14 years old, and I was “scared to death”, as we used to say. That weird, brilliant light was pulsating, undulating from dark red to a pinkish green and back to red again. I took off at a dead run to get to the church before something awful happened. By the time I reached the parsonage and got the preacher’s  attention, the red dome and its pink-green curtains had vanished. He told me I just seen the aurora borealis!

Later, I learned that the aurora could sing. Why? My science teacher said it was because of the electro-magnetic field. That made no sense to a teen-aged skeptic. But when I was much older, I discovered that the whole earth is surrounded by  waves of electric energy that also make a singing sound. And even later on, I learned that it is this “sound energy” that holds the entire universe together.  In fact, there is a newly emerging science called cymatics that is now able to send this kind of energy into water or sand and photograph the shapes generated by the vibrating energy itself.Sound is what holds the universe together. That is why the aurora sings! Click Here to listen.

Think about this: WHY do such magnificent phenomena happen?  WHY are they all, in some way or other, musically expressed?   WHY must we continue the quest for truth in music in deeper and deeper ways? Do you have any ideas you would like to share?

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